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  • Cheryl Egger


I gave my childhood dresser a little refresher! Nothing a little paint and thrift shopping can't fix!

// BEFORE //

How to transform a dresser: 1. Remove all old hardware and wipe down the dresser

2. Woodfill hardware holes and any other grooves you'd like to remove (I filled in the groves along the sides of the drawers for a more modern look)

3. Sand the top of the dresser down to the natural wood *be sure to wear a mask*

4. Prime the dresser (I used Bulls Eye 123 Primer - I can't say I was thrilled with this primer, it went on very thin, I ended up doing 3 coats)

5. Paint the dresser (I used Home Hardware's Beauti-Tone Designer Series Cabinet & Furniture Paint in creamy white - 2 coats had great coverage)

// AFTER //


While I was transforming this dresser I found these lamps at Dunnville's Loving Angels thrift shop! Oh hello two entirely gold lamps! Can we say EXTRA?! Yes, we can! Naturally, I immediately picked them both up, 2 for $20, come to momma!


1. Start with large art or a mirror

2. Add a lamp for cozy factor

3. Add a plant, always add a plant!

4. Something to add height - I like to stack books

5. Something personal - jewellery box or in my case a glasses box 🤓

6. Something to add texture and/or ambience - you can never go wrong with a candle!


I find taking a picture of the setup helps me see what I'm missing or if it's fully balanced. If you take pictures of the different setups as you go, you can pick your favourite look without forgetting what it looked like! Lastly, sometimes less is more; if it's not working, take everything off and slowly add your layers.

Here you can really see the impact of large art! 👆

I still need to add hardware to the dresser, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! In total, this project cost me: one quart of primer, one quart of paint, new hardware and a $10 thrift shop lamp. I styled the dresser top using pieces I already had around the house. I'm always thrilled to see old pieces come to life again!

Happy transforming!



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