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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

It's Halloween night in Canada!

This was our first Halloween as a family of three! We were brainstorming ideas for our costuming, but nothing good was sticking. This idea finally hit me in the middle of the night, I was so excited I woke up Dale, he was not as amused and didn't even remember the idea in the morning.

Halloween costumes can get expensive, even when you thrift shop and DIY. And there is the line where sometimes DIY can actually end up more expensive! I made all three of these costumes for $59.96. Including a $7.49 tie destroying incident. Disclaimer: never machine wash a tie, haha. See the breakdowns below...

// STANLEY CUP COSTUME - $23.98 //

  • Silver pants $4.99 from Value Village

  • Silver face paint $3.49 from Value Village

  • Pack of headbands $1.25 from Dollarama

  • Bowl $1.25 from Dollarama

  • 3 Rolls of silver contact paper $9 from Dollarama

  • 2 Rolls of silver sequin ribbon $4 from Dollarama

  • Tin foil from home

  • HVAC tape from home

  • Cardboard box from home

  • Heavy duty tape from home

  • Grey sweater from home


  • Pair of hockey socks $7.49 from Value Village

  • Pair of track pants $8 from Giant Tiger

  • Foam core for "skate blades" $2 Dollorama

  • Mini stick from home

  • Jersey shirt from home

  • Pair of shorts for "hockey pants" from home

  • Skates were a pair of shoes from home

// DON CHERRY COSTUME - $18.49 //

  • White suit jacket $5!! from Dunnville's Loving Angels thrift shop

  • Tie $7.49 *from Value Village, I machine washed it and totally destroyed it, oops! Ended up using one from home

  • White face paint $2.49 from Value Village

  • Microphone $2 from Dollarama

  • Fake flower bunch $2 from Dollarama

  • Paint from home

  • Foam core for microphone modifications *used same sheet as above

  • White dress shirt from home

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