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  • Cheryl Egger


'Tis the season! I'm all about that cheap and cheerful holiday decor, that looks cheerful, but not cheap! I spotted these little wood houses at Dollarama and created a little white and gold Dunn-Vegas village, full of glitter and glam for only $30.25!!

This project was really fun because there are no rules when you're making your own village--simply choose a colour palette, shop your palette or find supplies around the house and go for it!

// HOW TO //

Here are some basic steps I took to make my village:

1. I stained the houses with Minwax Stain 'Weathered Oak' using a foam brush and let them dry overnight.

2. Decorate! Go to town with paint, glitter glue, fake berries, acrylic snowflakes, anything really!

3. I glue-gunned faux fur to the bases of each of the houses to look like snow, as well as on some of the roofs.

4. I went back and added more details to each house!

5. I styled the village using the trees from Dollarama and added some twinkle with a garland and white lights!


Here's the cost breakdown:

I purchased all of these items at Dollarama...

4 x wooden houses $3.50 each = $14.00

1 x pack of 4 mini gold trees $2.50

1 x pack of 2 mini green trees $2.50

1 x large gold tree $3.00

1 x faux fur roll $3.00

1 x pack of acrylic snowflakes $1.25

1 x decorative stem $1.50

2 x strands of white pompoms $1.25 each = $2.50

*already had on hand*

1 x tube of gold glitter glue

1 x tube of white acrylic paint

1 x glue gun

1 x paint brush

1 x pint of minwax 'weathered oak' stain

1 x foam brush

garland and twinkle lights for styling!

TOTAL: $30.25

Happy crafting and stay tuned for more holiday DIY projects!

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