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  • Cheryl Egger


Updated: Jun 17, 2020

DIY so hard you need (at least one) track-suit dedicated to it.

// HOW TO //

  1. Find some scrap wood, we had a piece kicking around that was already the perfect width, WIN!

  2. Make a cardboard template of the flag size you want or just eyeball it and start cutting the wood.

  3. Dale set his saw at the angle we wanted and cut them all the same, 13 total

  4. Drill holes into the top corners for the rope using a drill bit that's just slightly larger than your rope.

  5. Sand the flags for nice edges.

  6. Now for the fun part, spray paint! I used Rustoleum's 2x Coverage spray paint in a royal blue, two different shades of turquoise and "poppy" red. I spray painted 3 coats of each colour and let them dry overnight.

  7. I laid out the pattern that I wanted on the grass first, then fed the rope through all of the flags.

  8. Hang it up and enjoy!


scrap wood we had kicking around

white rope $4

spray paint, we had the blues kicking around, I picked up the red on sale for $6

chop saw

drill and drill bit

palm sander (just sand paper would also work)

TOTAL: $10

Overall, this project cost us $10 and adds a super fun whimsical feeling to

Hank's backyard play area!

Until next time, happy crafting!



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