• Cheryl Egger


Looking for budget-friendly options? Thrift shopping! Looking for unique super cool pieces? Thrift shopping! Looking to catch a disease? Thrif--just kidding! If you're new to the thrifting game and want to ignite your inner Mackelmore, I got chu!

I loooove a good thrift find. When I roll into a thrift shop, the hair on the back of neck rises at the thought of all of the potential finds....Or maybe it's just the smell, either way, I'm ALL IN for the thrill of the hunt!

Over the years, I've found some 'straight treasures' as Dale and I like to call them. The Salvation Army closed in Dunnville (sadddd!) and Dale's response was, "I can't believe you didn't keep them in business?!"

People often say, "you're house is modern, but it's also cozy," and I give all credit to the thrifted vintage pieces!

The most expensive items in our living room circa 2017 were the kitchen table light fixture for $200 and the IKEA cowhide rug for $249. Otherwise, every item is thrifted, gifted or cost less than $50!