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Hello, we’re the Egger's! Our house was demoed four days before our wedding. We spent our first year of marriage working side-by-side, building our new house, and hey, we made it (!) and we actually really enjoyed it (!!) 

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We still reminisce of that February, sitting in the cottage, writing out all of our contractors and phases on a calendar, and the house was finished by June... simple, haha (!) On occasion, we still pull out that calendar for a good laugh.

Some days it felt like our home wasn't going to be finished until 2023, but after almost a year's labour of love, we moved in two days before Christmas!


And so, This Egger House is born, where I hope to share the many things we learned building our first home, DIYs, tips, tricks and more. 

The main thing we learned is that we've got the bug. And we’re itching to do it again. Thanks for following along, we hope you feel welcomed and inspired!

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